Your battle report in 2 minutes

Simple and effective to share your best games

Great visual reports to keep,
share, export and print!


Report your battle with pictures

Your best games will become legendary!

During your game, your minions are staged and evolve naturally.

While remaining focused on the game, capture the key moments of your game using the application.

The voice recognition tool allows you to effortlessly add details, comments and dialogues for each scene.

Of course you can then edit, and improve according to your artistic talent.


Bring out your creative side

You spent time designing and painting your miniatures.
Hightlight your work and show the presence, splendor and power of your minions.

Just like a stage director, tell your story in pictures, directly from MyMiniReport.

Enhance your masterpiece: you can modify your report after your game and make various changes to expand and sublimate it.

Your work is ready to be shared!

Private area for Tournaments

This feature will be available as soon as the Kickstarter stretch goal is reached.

Broadcast Tournament games results and progress.
The battle reports will be available only for the chosen ones.

With an application account, you will be able to share with friends a private storage area for reports.

MyMiniReport, and a legendary tournament is a breeze!

Mobile app

MyMiniReport Application

Available soon for iOS and Android

  • 1
    Shot your best actions
    and dictate the text to add

    It only takes few seconds to:
    - take a picture from MyMiniReport
    - add a text to the photo with an integrated voice recognition tool
    - add the score of the game

    A keyboard can also be used to edit the text later on.

  • 2
    Stage your legendary battles

    Once your game is over, you can perfect the content of each sequence.
    So the twists of your story and your figurines will be highlighted.

    It is possible for instance to:
    - add speech bubbles
    - modify the text
    - crop the photo
    - add filters...
    *New options will be added once the application is released.

  • 3
    Your story is ready!

    Store your work, print it or share it with your friends on social networks


Share on social networks

Share your favorite creations on social networks!


Why MyMiniReport?

Non intrusive

MyMiniReport is designed to create a quality report while staying focused on your game.

Quick and simple

Within seconds, take a picture and record a description text with the integrated voice recognition tool.

Great Visual

Save your games through high quality visual reports. The ideal format to keep, print or share.


Why a KickStarter ?

This application will be made by passionates, for passionates!

We have a strech goal set to 8 000 € collected to be able to start the project, otherwise the application will not be launched.
This funding will enable us to remunerate the staff who contribute to MyMiniReport.

All contributor will receive benefits, whatever regardless of the support provided. The bigger the financial support is, the more interesting the benefit becomes.


Support the project

Make a financial contribution to the project and benefit from it.

The prices below are contributions that will earn privileges over other users who did not participate to the KickStarter.

* With Beta Tester access, you can get and try the application earlier. Moreover Beta Testers can influence the application final features thanks to their feedback, comments and suggestions.

Stretch goals

Here are the different levels with theirs features.

If level 1 donation is not reached, the application will not be launched.
Additional features will be added to the application depending on the milestones reached.

Windows desktop version (1) : Even if we think that it is very convenient to do it all on phone or tablet, some of you would prefer to just create the report, shot the photos and speak/text on their phones. Then do the after editing on a computer with mouse and keyboard.
This stretch goal will grant you this possibility, without additional cost. As a side effect, you will also be able to send your under-work report to someone else so he can finish it. Pretty convenient..
Videos export (2): We propose you to export your battle report as a video. A video will be automatically generated as a slideshow of your panes. You will be able to add a background music, record a speech and decide of the slideshow timing while speaking. Your video will then be available to share on your favorite social network or just keep it if you do not want to share it.
Protected storage area (3): with an application account, you will be able to share with friends a private storage area for reports.
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Our existing application


We are experienced in models application development.

Our KillTeamManager application is related to miniature games, and more specifically Warhammer 40k : KillTeam.
This application allows you to create your KillTeam team and easily retrieve all its features while playing.
We have so far more than 15000 active users and an average rating of 4.7/5 with more than 900 reviews.

Here are some reviews you can find on KillTeamManager page on play store.

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