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The new generation of store boards

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New Generation Shop Panel and Multiple Implementation Methods:
Innovation and creativity in everything that comes into production gives it a new and up-to-date look, and everything new that comes into being is in keeping with the latest technologies in the world that can be combined with beauty, fashion. , Be more modern and more comfortable and be able to draw our attention to the duplicates of the past. In today's generation, people are looking for surprises and gadgets that are compatible with the digital and modern world, and you are in every field of work to capture the attention of your customers and audiences, and to compete head-to-head in a competitive world. Adopt and demand more than your competitors You need to adapt to what's happening in the world and keep up with your customers' expectations and offer the products or services the customer is looking for.

The most important concern for all business owners, law firms or companies, is to generate high profits and income, which is possible in the light of more customer attraction, and more customer attraction depends on factors such as monitoring market behavior, customers and advertising across multiple platforms. has it . A fledgling business or a rocket business is only through advertising on the right platform that can attract customers. Some people may see advertising as an overhead, but they are completely wrong. Advertising is not just an extra cost but a long-term, guaranteed capital gain for more profits and revenue and introducing a brand to the public that can Boost your business provided you know your customers well and observe their behavior and measure market needs before your competitors and provide you with timely, products or services that customers expect of you.

Big name companies, such as Nike, Apple, Samsung, LG, Dove, and others, are all companies that have spent huge amounts of money on advertising to gain fame and today because of their popularity. Their brand sells their products, which is similar to many other brands, at a higher price, so if you spend on advertising today you can have more sales tomorrow with your brand's popularity.

We've all said so much about advertising, but the question is, which advertising platform works best?

In answer to this question, we should say that the advertising platform depends on what channels of communication your customers come to you. If your business is such that the majority of customers communicate with you using virtual networks then advertise on social networks but if your customers access you through the website you can Use advertising like banner ads, guerrilla and email advertising, but if your customers come across you in person you can use print advertising such as poster printing, brochures, catalogs and billboard advertising, billboard design and Take advantage of sampling ads. But among all of the advertising methods we mentioned, advertising is very popular and important because for the first time, this type of advertising is continuous and permanent but the other advertising methods are all unlimited and according to a set timeframe. And after that time they need to be renewed, secondly, because of the short amount of time defined for such ads, the advertiser will need to spend a lot of money but advertising is an unlimited type of advertising that has been around for years Used and if possible breaks or obsolescence Xie new or refurbished and renovated at a cost that is affordable. In fact, billboards are an integral part of our lives and urban spaces, and our eyes are on seeing these beautiful billboards that are installed as advertisements in the shops or as corporate signs at the doors of companies or offices and commercial places. Have been accustomed. Having a billboard at the door of a business, office or storefront gives the place a sense of identity and trust, and without that signboard it cannot maintain customer confidence as it should, so fewer customers turn to it.

If you want to advertise your business in the many other areas mentioned above, again one of the methods used by any type of business in general is signposting, which in addition to other advertising methods It is used because it determines the business identity of a place.

Nowadays, with the advent of numerous devices such as laser cutter, electroplating machine, CNC machine, PVC machine, banner printing machine and other devices used in the world of advertising, the field is very suitable for modern advertising with images and Animation is provided, paneling is no exception, and today the boards are beautifully illustrated and brilliantly rendered in three-dimensional letters that can easily capture any viewer from a distance.

One of the most common uses of signboards is to build a headboard in a shop, storefront or corporate signboard, and in fact, merchants are placing an order for their brand to promote their brand. When leaving your home, your eyes are unconsciously exposed to all sorts of beautiful billboards installed as doors to the shop, and only boards can name your place of business in a timely manner. Remind them to be beautiful, brilliant and designed in accordance with the methods of the world today.

The boards have a long history, and the boards started from a single brand as an introduction to what they are today, and although old-style boards are still made, those old light-less boards are more modern and modern. Designed and implemented with animation and light, a variety of billboards can be used to order new store boards.

New shop tableau:
The new shop signboard is a signboard that is designed and implemented with light, bold, dimension and volume, and designed to be more creative and innovative than other competitors Engage and engrave your brand name in the minds of your customers and when the customer needs your products or services, remind your brand to the customer and guide the customer towards you.

With the introduction of advanced devices into the world of signboards, it is possible to build signboards in a variety of modern ways, and all design operations are carried out by the panel maker and experts with the help of devices in the signboard workshop. Here's a look at each of the modern and beautifully executed billboards:

1) Chelnium Panel:

The manufacture of chelium can be traced back to the year 2000. Initially, chelium boards were made in the form of simple chelium boards, but over time, it was possible to fabricate chelium boards in a number of beautiful ways, such as stellar chelium boards, diamond chelium boards, crystalline chelium boards, plexi double chelium boards, double chelium boards , Diamond Double Chelenium Tableau, Punch Edge Chelium Tableau and other names. In making each of the Chelenium panel methods, the panel maker implements a custom-made panel by making cuts on a plexiglass in specified dimensions and sizes.

2) Steel panel:

The panel is one of the oldest panels that cannot pass through the light of LED lamps, but in the current world of paneling, the panel can also be implemented in the same way with light, which is the name of the final panel of the Andrew Steel panel. To construct the Andrew Light steel panel, the panel maker considers a centimeter of distance between the stylized letters and the panel background, where the inserted LED lamps are inserted and after the lamps have been installed and turned on. , A very beautiful shade background provides the tableau. The new generation of stainless steel paneling is a plastic panel that combines neon plastic and stainless steel letters and brings an awesome look with light to the panel. Plexiglass steel paneling is also a new method where the Lightweight Safe Manufacturing team utilizes a steel strap to make the lettering surface, using a 1.5 to 3cm steel strap for the edges, and Dodge Plexiglass for making the letters below We use opaque, and the light from this model is highlighted in the same light as Andrew's.

3) Ring:

Ring is an advanced generation of new shop boards that can be applied to steel and chelium with steel ring and plexiglass. To create this beautiful billboard, the panelist uses another plexi after the design and cutting of the letters on the plexi and cuts it into a ring shape. After cutting, place it on the primary plexus at a distance of one centimeter using special adhesives and then glue the chelenium edge around the plexus. To make double-ring steel panels, the panel also uses a 0.6 to 1 millimeter sheet and, as a stroger, prepares the outline of the lettering and attaches it to the page from another edge.

LED Panel:

One of the newest type of billboards that has been in the field for many years is the LED panel that can be operated in two different formats: fixed LED panel and fluorescent LED panel. A stationary LED panel cannot move images and promotional texts and can only be implemented with specific optical effects, but the panel can easily move texts and images and perform any animation. Recently, in addition to the front door panel, the LED panel is also used as the shop front door bar, in which case the LED arrangement is high, medium and low density and the LED on the plexiglass Or the embedded copper board.

Vacuum Panel:

Vacuum letters are a new development in the world of paneling, created by vacuum formed in thermoforming and plastic sheets with forming temperature on plexiglass sheets, and aluminum and composite molds can be used for molding vacuum letters. Once the vacuum panel molding has been prepared, the letters will be rounded off by special machines using materials such as chelium, plexi or stainless steel.

Lightbox Box:

A lightbox is a box with two sides containing glass or glass and a message inside the box. To illuminate this beautiful billboard, there is also a space behind the light bulb. This beautiful and widely used tableau is designed and implemented in two forms: light box pendant and stand light box.

Thermoud Panel:

The Thermood Board is a modern and classic advertising board that uses Thermood wood instead of PVC as a substrate. It can be used for making bold letters and a space. With its classic wood-like environment, it provided the perfect place for your business.

Punch Panel:

Punching boards are available in three forms: Chelium Punches, Steel Punches and Neon Plastic Punches. Punching machines are capable of punching each sheet of various thicknesses, in arbitrary geometric shapes, regularly and in different distances and diameters in two rows and a zigzag. When punching letters you have to be careful about the three factors of punch diameter, punch density and punch edge diameter so that the SMS blocks contained within the letters are not highlighted.


Turntable is one of the newest boards which is implemented as banner turntable and flexi turntable. Banners or Flexboards have three angles and angles on each side of a business-specific advertising message and each time a rotating message is displayed. This type of billboards is rotated by motors and gearboxes, but we also have a kind of two-way spinning wheel, which is called a two-way spinning lightbox or a two-way spinning box, which has a kind of advertising message in each case. Inserted and they are awesome. These panels are rotatable and can be operated in either a light or non-light manner.

Composite Panel:

The composite panel also refers to any panel that uses composite sheets for the underside of the panel rather than the PVC sheet as the substrate, and can also be used in neon plastic, stainless steel or chelium bold. .

Neon Panel:

Although this type of signboard has a long history in signposting, it still lacks in importance and its applications and is being recommended as a widely used advertising signboard by many customers. The neon panel runs in two multiple ways. One method is based on plastic highlights where both the surface and the edges of the lettering are plastic and are well capable of emitting light uniformly, and the other is a neon glass panel that is implemented using an electrode.

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